Experimental Therapeutics

Experimental Therapeutics

The Experimental Therapeutics research program discovers and characterizes novel agents and pathways; translates these discoveries through innovative, preclinical proof-of-principle studies; and provides more effective cancer therapies to our patients.


Experimental Therapeutics program members have expertise in the following areas:

  • Novel drug development platforms
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeting molecular pathways of resistance
  • Migration
  • Apoptosis or cell death
  • Cell cycle inhibition and epigenetic modifiers
  • Autophagy
  • Inflammation
  • Membrane disrupters
  • Agents that modify cholesterol/lipid peroxidation
  • Various imaging modalities


Program members also collaborate with colleagues in biomedical engineering at Penn State University Park, as well as with Population Health and Cancer Control research program members regarding the role of exercise in treatment outcomes for cancer patients. Additional collaborations involve work with the Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis research program on the identification of genomic markers in metastatic melanoma as potential markers of response.

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Penn State Cancer Institute members who are part of the Experimental Therapeutics research program are listed here.
James Hansell Adair, PhD James Hansell Adair, PhD View Profile
Reka Z. Albert, PhD Reka Z. Albert, PhD View Profile
Dawit Aregawi, MD Dawit Aregawi, MD View Profile
Anilchandra Attaluri Anilchandra Attaluri View Profile
Chandra Belani, MD Chandra Belani, MD View Profile
James Broach, PhD James Broach, PhD View Profile
Valerie Brown, MD, PhD Valerie Brown, MD, PhD View Profile
Keith Cheng, MD, PhD Keith Cheng, MD, PhD View Profile
Gary Clawson, MS, PhD, MD Gary Clawson, MS, PhD, MD View Profile
David Claxton, MD David Claxton, MD View Profile
James Connor, MS, PhD James Connor, MS, PhD View Profile
David Degraff, PhD David Degraff, PhD View Profile
Cheng Dong, PhD Cheng Dong, PhD View Profile
Sinisa Dovat, PhD, MD Sinisa Dovat, PhD, MD View Profile
Joseph Drabick, MD, FACP Joseph Drabick, MD, FACP View Profile
John Flanagan, PhD John Flanagan, PhD View Profile
Edward Fox, MD Edward Fox, MD View Profile
Zhonghua Gao, PhD Zhonghua Gao, PhD View Profile
Chandrika Gowda, MD Chandrika Gowda, MD View Profile
Sergei Grigoryev, MS, PhD Sergei Grigoryev, MS, PhD View Profile
Edward Gunther, MD Edward Gunther, MD View Profile
Nadine Hempel, PhD Nadine Hempel, PhD View Profile
Diane Hershock, MD, PhD Diane Hershock, MD, PhD View Profile
William Evan Higgins, PhD William Evan Higgins, PhD View Profile
Raymond Hohl, MD, PhD Raymond Hohl, MD, PhD View Profile
Sheldon Holder, PhD, MD Sheldon Holder, PhD, MD View Profile
Monika Joshi, MD, MRCP Monika Joshi, MD, MRCP View Profile
Christine Dolan Keating, PhD Christine Dolan Keating, PhD View Profile
Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli, PhD Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli, PhD View Profile
Sang Lee, MS, PhD Sang Lee, MS, PhD View Profile
Jiangang (Jason) Liao, PhD Jiangang (Jason) Liao, PhD View Profile
Junxuan Lu, PhD Junxuan Lu, PhD View Profile
Heath Mackley, MD, FACRO Heath Mackley, MD, FACRO View Profile
Achuthamangalam Madhankumar, MS, PhD Achuthamangalam Madhankumar, MS, PhD View Profile
Gail Matters, MS, PhD Gail Matters, MS, PhD View Profile
Lisa McGregor, MD, PhD Lisa McGregor, MD, PhD View Profile
Patricia McLaughlin, MS, DEd Patricia McLaughlin, MS, DEd View Profile
Kimberly Sue Menard Kimberly Sue Menard View Profile
Barbara Miller, MD Barbara Miller, MD View Profile
Shin Mineishi, MD Shin Mineishi, MD View Profile
George-Lucian Moldovan, PhD George-Lucian Moldovan, PhD View Profile
Matthew Moyer, MS, MD Matthew Moyer, MS, MD View Profile
Kathleen Mulder, PhD Kathleen Mulder, PhD View Profile
Sean O'Donnell, MD Sean O'Donnell, MD View Profile
Colette R. Pameijer, MD Colette R. Pameijer, MD View Profile
Rebecca Phaeton, MD Rebecca Phaeton, MD View Profile
Dino Ravnic, DO, MPH Dino Ravnic, DO, MPH View Profile
Andrew Fraser Read, PhD Andrew Fraser Read, PhD View Profile
Michael F. Reed, MD Michael F. Reed, MD View Profile
Elias Rizk, MD, MSc Elias Rizk, MD, MSc View Profile
Gavin Robertson, PhD Gavin Robertson, PhD View Profile
Jennifer Rosenberg, MD Jennifer Rosenberg, MD View Profile
Witold Rybka, MD, FRCPC Witold Rybka, MD, FRCPC View Profile
Lorraine C. Santy, PhD Lorraine C. Santy, PhD View Profile
Arati Sharma, PhD Arati Sharma, PhD View Profile
Hiroko Shike, MD, MS Hiroko Shike, MD, MS View Profile
Charles Smith, PhD Charles Smith, PhD View Profile
Chunhua Song, MD, MS, PhD Chunhua Song, MD, MS, PhD View Profile
Douglas Stairs, PhD Douglas Stairs, PhD View Profile
Yoshinori Takahashi, MS, PhD Yoshinori Takahashi, MS, PhD View Profile
Matthew D. Taylor, MD Matthew D. Taylor, MD View Profile
Cristina Truica, MD Cristina Truica, MD View Profile
Henry Wagner Jr., MD Henry Wagner Jr., MD View Profile
Hong-Gang Wang, PhD Hong-Gang Wang, PhD View Profile
David Waning, PhD David Waning, PhD View Profile
Pak Kin Wong, PhD Pak Kin Wong, PhD View Profile
Jin-Ming Yang, MD, PhD Jin-Ming Yang, MD, PhD View Profile
Jian Yang, PhD Jian Yang, PhD View Profile
Nelson Shu-Sang Yee, MD, PhD, RPh Nelson Shu-Sang Yee, MD, PhD, RPh View Profile
Jong Yun, PhD Jong Yun, PhD View Profile
Ian Zagon, MS, PhD Ian Zagon, MS, PhD View Profile
Siyang Zheng, PhD Siyang Zheng, PhD View Profile

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