Researcher Profile

Researcher Profile

James Hansell Adair, PhD

James Hansell Adair, PhD

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Professor, Department of Pharmacology
Scientific Program:Next-Generation Therapies

Recent Publications


Abraham, T, McGovern, CO, Linton, SS, Wilczynski, Z, Adair, JH & Matters, GL 2021, 'Aptamer-targeted calcium phosphosilicate nanoparticles for effective imaging of pancreatic and prostate cancer', International Journal of Nanomedicine, vol. 16, pp. 2297-2309.
Gentile, K, Bhide, A, Kauffman, J, Ghosh, S, Maiti, S, Adair, J, Lee, TH & Sen, A 2021, 'Enzyme aggregation and fragmentation induced by catalysis relevant species', Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 23, no. 36, pp. 20709-20717.
Bussard, KM, Gigliotti, CM, Adair, BM, Snyder, JM, Gigliotti, NT, Loc, WS, Wilczynski, ZR, Liu, ZK, Meisel, K, Zemanek, C, Mastro, AM, Shupp, AB, McGovern, C, Matters, GL & Adair, JH 2021, 'Preferential uptake of antibody targeted calcium phosphosilicate nanoparticles by metastatic triple negative breast cancer cells in co-cultures of human metastatic breast cancer cells plus bone osteoblasts', Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine, vol. 34, 102383.


Ludwig, B, Millington-Smith, D, Dattani, R, Adair, JH, Posatko, EP, Mawby, LM, Ward, SK & Sills, CA 2020, 'Evaluation of the hydrodynamic behavior of powders of varying cohesivity in a fluidized bed using the FT4 Powder RheometerĀ®', Powder Technology, vol. 371, pp. 106-114.


Thurier, PF, Lesieutre, GA, Frecker, MI & Adair, JH 2019, 'A two-material topology optimization method for structures under steady thermo-mechanical loading', Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, vol. 30, no. 11, pp. 1717-1726.
Trivedi, S, Rudolph, M, Atescan, Y, Dai, J, Cooley, K, Adair, JH, Mohney, SE & Yamamoto, N 2019, 'Effect of diazotization and magnetic assembly on CNT dispersion observed with hardness and modulus measurement of their epoxy composite of low CNT volume fraction', Journal of Nanoparticle Research, vol. 21, no. 12, 270.
Abraham, T, Clawson, GA, McGovern, CO, Edris, W, Tang, X, Adair, JH & Matters, GL 2019, Multiphoton and harmonic generation imaging methods enable direct visualization of drug nanoparticle carriers in conjunction with vasculature in fibrotic prostate tumor mouse model. in A Tarnok, JF Leary & DL Farkas (eds), Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues XVII., 108811T, Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE, vol. 10881, SPIE, Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues XVII 2019, San Francisco, United States, 2/4/19.
Antolino, N, Muhlstein, C, Hayes, G, Adair, J & Bermejo, R 2019, 'Strength limits in mesoscaled 3Y-TZP ceramics for micro-surgical instruments', Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, vol. 91, pp. 99-108.


Gigliotti, CM, Marks, RW, Wilczynski, ZR, Lewis, GS, Donahue, HJ & Adair, JH 2018, 'Design of experiment optimization of artificial bone construct fabrication via direct ink writing of hydroxyapatite', Ceramic Transactions, vol. 264, pp. 299-313.
Trivedi, S, Rudolph, M, Adair, J & Yamamoto, N 2018, Magnetic structuring of nickel-coated carbon nanotubes with diazonium treatment for tailorable and bulk nanocomposite fabrication. in K Storage, T Sutter, S Beckwith, G Bond & T Storage (eds), SAMPE Long Beach 2018 Conference and Exhibition. International SAMPE Technical Conference, vol. 2018-May, Soc. for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering, SAMPE Long Beach 2018 Conference and Exhibition, Long Beach, United States, 5/21/18.

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