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Cancer Control Overview

The Cancer Control research program conducts research and interventions to reduce the incidence and mortality from cancer in Pennsylvania and nationally. The program includes faculty members from more than 20 departments across six Penn State colleges and/or campuses.

The leading causes of cancer are tobacco use and poor nutrition, and specific cancers are also affected by obesity, alcohol, infectious agents and air pollution. The program seeks to understand and develop approaches to limit the impact of these causes on cancer risk, especially in high-risk individuals and communities, through screening and clinical trials.

For our patients, the program conducts innovative clinical trials in areas that may improve cancer treatment outcomes and prevent recurrences, including innovative weight-training programs and screening programs.


  • Determine the biological, economic and social basis of cancer risk behaviors, including tobacco use, exercise and nutrition.
  • Develop, test and disseminate interventions which improve patient care and outcomes through exercise oncology, cancer screening behavior, cancer-care decision-making and nutrition.
  • Develop mechanistically-based safe and potent agents to inhibit carcinogenesis in preclinical and clinical studies for cancer prevention.

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