Cancer Control

Cancer Control

The Cancer Control research program conducts research and interventions to reduce the incidence and mortality from cancer in Pennsylvania and nationally. The program includes faculty members from 18 departments across five Penn State colleges and/or campuses.

The leading causes of cancer are tobacco use and poor nutrition, and specific cancers are also affected by obesity, alcohol, infectious agents and air pollution. The program seeks to understand and develop approaches to limit the impact of these causes on cancer risk, especially in high-risk individuals and communities, through screening and clinical trials.

For our patients, the program conducts innovative clinical trials in areas that may improve cancer treatment outcomes and prevent recurrences, including innovative weight-training programs and screening programs.


  • Determine the biological, economic and social basis of cancer risk behaviors, including tobacco use, exercise and nutrition.
  • Develop, test and disseminate interventions which improve patient care and outcomes through exercise oncology, cancer screening behavior, cancer-care decision-making and nutrition.
  • Develop mechanistically-based safe and potent agents to inhibit carcinogenesis in preclinical and clinical studies for cancer prevention.

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Penn State Cancer Institute members who are part of the Cancer Control research program are listed here.
Keith Robert Aronson, PhD Keith Robert Aronson, PhD View Profile
Betsy B. Aumiller, MEd, DEd Betsy B. Aumiller, MEd, DEd View Profile
Arthur Berg, PhD Arthur Berg, PhD View Profile
Shirley Bluethmann, PhD, MPH Shirley Bluethmann, PhD, MPH View Profile
Melissa Jean Bopp, PhD Melissa Jean Bopp, PhD View Profile
Steven A. Branstetter, PhD Steven A. Branstetter, PhD View Profile
William Calo William Calo View Profile
Alison Chetlen, DO Alison Chetlen, DO View Profile
David E. Conroy, PhD David E. Conroy, PhD View Profile
Leah Cream, MD Leah Cream, MD View Profile
Dhimant Desai, PhD Dhimant Desai, PhD View Profile
Daleela Dodge, MD Daleela Dodge, MD View Profile
Karam El-Bayoumy, PhD Karam El-Bayoumy, PhD View Profile
Elana Farace, PhD, MA Elana Farace, PhD, MA View Profile
Jonathan Foulds, PhD Jonathan Foulds, PhD View Profile
Charles Geier, PhD Charles Geier, PhD View Profile
David Goldenberg, MD, FACS David Goldenberg, MD, FACS View Profile
Thomas J. Gould, PhD Thomas J. Gould, PhD View Profile
Neerav Goyal, MD, MPH Neerav Goyal, MD, MPH View Profile
Michael Green, MS, MD Michael Green, MS, MD View Profile
Patricia Patricia "Sue" Grigson-Kennedy, MS, PhD View Profile
Niraj J. Gusani, MD, FACS Niraj J. Gusani, MD, FACS View Profile
Michael Hayes, PhD Michael Hayes, PhD View Profile
Marianne Messersmith Hillemeier, PhD, MPH Marianne Messersmith Hillemeier, PhD, MPH View Profile
Andrea Hobkirk, PhD Andrea Hobkirk, PhD View Profile
Christopher S. Hollenbeak, PhD Christopher S. Hollenbeak, PhD View Profile
Vasant Gajanan Honavar, PhD Vasant Gajanan Honavar, PhD View Profile
Nina G. Jablonski, PhD Nina G. Jablonski, PhD View Profile
Jeah (Kyoungrae) Jung, PhD Jeah (Kyoungrae) Jung, PhD View Profile
Matthew G. Kaag, MD Matthew G. Kaag, MD View Profile
Helen Marie Kamens, PhD Helen Marie Kamens, PhD View Profile
Claudia Kasales, MD Claudia Kasales, MD View Profile
Abid Kazi Abid Kazi View Profile
Teresa Kern, PhD Teresa Kern, PhD View Profile
Jennifer Kraschnewski, MD, MPH Jennifer Kraschnewski, MD, MPH View Profile
Joshua D. Lambert, PhD Joshua D. Lambert, PhD View Profile
Stephanie Trea Lanza, PhD Stephanie Trea Lanza, PhD View Profile
Eugene Lengerich, VMD, MS Eugene Lengerich, VMD, MS View Profile
Benjamin Levi, MD, PhD Benjamin Levi, MD, PhD View Profile
Peter Lewis, MD Peter Lewis, MD View Profile
Runze Li, PhD Runze Li, PhD View Profile
Dajiang Liu, PhD, MA Dajiang Liu, PhD, MA View Profile
Julie Mack, MD Julie Mack, MD View Profile
Kateryna Dmytrivna Makova, PhD Kateryna Dmytrivna Makova, PhD View Profile
Kimberly Anne Mallett, PhD Kimberly Anne Mallett, PhD View Profile
Scherezade Kelly Mama, DrPH Scherezade Kelly Mama, DrPH View Profile
Andrea Manni, MD Andrea Manni, MD View Profile
Lynn Margaret Martire Lynn Margaret Martire View Profile
Stephen Augustus Matthews, PhD Stephen Augustus Matthews, PhD View Profile
Alicia McDonald, PhD, MPH Alicia McDonald, PhD, MPH View Profile
Thomas McGarrity, MD Thomas McGarrity, MD View Profile
Patricia Y. Miranda, PhD, MPH Patricia Y. Miranda, PhD, MPH View Profile
John Raymond Moran, Jr., PhD John Raymond Moran, Jr., PhD View Profile
Jennifer Moss, PhD Jennifer Moss, PhD View Profile
Joshua Muscat, PhD, MPH Joshua Muscat, PhD, MPH View Profile
Kimberly Myers, MA, PhD Kimberly Myers, MA, PhD View Profile
Michelle Gayle Newman, PhD Michelle Gayle Newman, PhD View Profile
Dennis Keith Pearl, PhD Dennis Keith Pearl, PhD View Profile
Ramesh Ramachandran, PhD Ramesh Ramachandran, PhD View Profile
Jay Raman, MD Jay Raman, MD View Profile
Connie Jo Rogers, PhD Connie Jo Rogers, PhD View Profile
Liza Rovniak, MS, PhD, MPH Liza Rovniak, MS, PhD, MPH View Profile
Mack Ruffin, MD, MPH Mack Ruffin, MD, MPH View Profile
Susann Schetter, DO Susann Schetter, DO View Profile
Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, MPH, FACSM Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, MPH, FACSM View Profile
Jane R. Schubart, MBA, MS, PhD Jane R. Schubart, MBA, MS, PhD View Profile
Christopher Sciamanna, MD, MPH Christopher Sciamanna, MD, MPH View Profile
Joel E. Segel, PhD Joel E. Segel, PhD View Profile
Arun Sharma, PhD Arun Sharma, PhD View Profile
Raghu Sinha, MS, PhD Raghu Sinha, MS, PhD View Profile
Kathleen Sturgeon, PhD, MTR Kathleen Sturgeon, PhD, MTR View Profile
Yuan-Wan Sun, MS, PhD Yuan-Wan Sun, MS, PhD View Profile
Robert J. Turrisi, PhD Robert J. Turrisi, PhD View Profile
Andry Van De Louw, MD, PhD Andry Van De Louw, MD, PhD View Profile
Jairam K.P. Vanamala, PhD Jairam K.P. Vanamala, PhD View Profile
John Patrick Vanden Heuvel, PhD John Patrick Vanden Heuvel, PhD View Profile
Li Wang, PhD Li Wang, PhD View Profile
Ming Wang, MS, PhD Ming Wang, MS, PhD View Profile
Meredith Watts, MD Meredith Watts, MD View Profile
Carol Weisman, PhD Carol Weisman, PhD View Profile
Stephen Wilson, PhD Stephen Wilson, PhD View Profile
Robin Wilson, PhD Robin Wilson, PhD View Profile
Renate Winkels, PhD Renate Winkels, PhD View Profile
Rongling Wu, PhD Rongling Wu, PhD View Profile
Jing Yang Jing Yang View Profile
John Yen, PhD John Yen, PhD View Profile
Jiro Yoshida Jiro Yoshida View Profile
Nicholas Zaorsky, MD Nicholas Zaorsky, MD View Profile
Xiang Zhang, PhD Xiang Zhang, PhD View Profile
Junjia Zhu, MS, PhD Junjia Zhu, MS, PhD View Profile

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