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Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis


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Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis Overview

The Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis research program investigates the mechanisms of carcinogenesis induced by viruses, chemicals and environmental/dietary agents through basic research.

Novel carcinogenic mechanisms identified by the program are applied toward the prevention and treatment of human cancers in collaboration with the Cancer Control research program and the Next-Generation Therapies research program. Program members use shared resources to engage in intra-programmatic, inter-programmatic and inter-institutional bi-translational research activities.


The Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis research program, tailored to our catchment area, focuses on:

  • Examining the mechanisms of oncogenic viral infections, replication, structural assembly and maturation and pathogenesis in carcinogenesis
  • Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of environmental carcinogenesis and the impact of gene-environment interactions on cancer susceptibility
  • Identification of immunological mechanisms that modulate the multi-step carcinogenesis process

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