Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis

Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis

The Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis research program investigates the mechanisms of carcinogenesis induced by viruses, chemicals and environmental/dietary agents through basic research.

Novel carcinogenic mechanisms identified by the program are applied toward the prevention and treatment of human cancers in collaboration with the Population Health and Cancer Control research program and the Experimental Therapeutics research program. Program members use shared resources to engage in intra-programmatic, inter-programmatic and inter-institutional bi-translational research activities.


The Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis research program, tailored to our catchment area, focuses on:

  • Examining the mechanisms of oncogenic viral infections, replication, structural assembly and maturation and pathogenesis in carcinogenesis
  • Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of environmental carcinogenesis and the impact of gene-environment interactions on cancer susceptibility
  • Identification of immunological mechanisms that modulate the multi-step carcinogenesis process

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Penn State Cancer Institute members who are part of the Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis research program are listed here.
Katherine Aird, PhD Katherine Aird, PhD View Profile
Shantu Amin, PhD Shantu Amin, PhD View Profile
Stephen Benkovic Stephen Benkovic View Profile
David D. Boehr, PhD David D. Boehr, PhD View Profile
Milena Bogunovic, MD, PhD Milena Bogunovic, MD, PhD View Profile
Nicholas Buchkovich, PhD Nicholas Buchkovich, PhD View Profile
Craig Eugene Cameron, PhD Craig Eugene Cameron, PhD View Profile
Margherita Teresa-Anna Cantorna, PhD Margherita Teresa-Anna Cantorna, PhD View Profile
Kun-Ming Chen, PhD, MS Kun-Ming Chen, PhD, MS View Profile
Neil Christensen, MSc, PhD Neil Christensen, MSc, PhD View Profile
Rebecca Craven, MS, PhD Rebecca Craven, MS, PhD View Profile
Michael Creer, MD Michael Creer, MD View Profile
Ping Du, MD, MS, PhD Ping Du, MD, MS, PhD View Profile
Kristin Eckert, PhD Kristin Eckert, PhD View Profile
Pamela Hankey Giblin, PhD Pamela Hankey Giblin, PhD View Profile
Adam Bleier Glick, PhD Adam Bleier Glick, PhD View Profile
Esther Winter Gomez, PhD Esther Winter Gomez, PhD View Profile
Krishne Gowda, PhD Krishne Gowda, PhD View Profile
Susan Hafenstein, PhD Susan Hafenstein, PhD View Profile
Edward Harhaj, PhD Edward Harhaj, PhD View Profile
Mark Hedglin Mark Hedglin View Profile
Jianming Hu, MD, MS, PhD Jianming Hu, MD, MS, PhD View Profile
Jiafen Hu, MSc, PhD Jiafen Hu, MSc, PhD View Profile
Rosalyn Irby, PhD Rosalyn Irby, PhD View Profile
Girish Soorapp Kirimanjeswara, PhD Girish Soorapp Kirimanjeswara, PhD View Profile
Jacek Krzeminski, PhD Jacek Krzeminski, PhD View Profile
Hyun Jin Kwun, PhD Hyun Jin Kwun, PhD View Profile
Yulong Li, MD, MS Yulong Li, MD, MS View Profile
Wei Li, PhD Wei Li, PhD View Profile
Nancy Lill, PhD Nancy Lill, PhD View Profile
Aron Lukacher, MD, PhD Aron Lukacher, MD, PhD View Profile
Shaun A. Mahony, PhD Shaun A. Mahony, PhD View Profile
Craig Meyers, MS, PhD Craig Meyers, MS, PhD View Profile
Katsuhiko Murakami Katsuhiko Murakami View Profile
Jeffrey Neighbors, PhD Jeffrey Neighbors, PhD View Profile
Christopher Norbury, PhD Christopher Norbury, PhD View Profile
Curtis John Omiecinski, PhD Curtis John Omiecinski, PhD View Profile
Leslie Parent, MD Leslie Parent, MD View Profile
Andrew David Patterson, PhD Andrew David Patterson, PhD View Profile
Melody Paulishak, DO Melody Paulishak, DO View Profile
Robert Paulson, PhD Robert Paulson, PhD View Profile
Gary H. Perdew, PhD Gary H. Perdew, PhD View Profile
Jeffrey Maurice Peters, PhD Jeffrey Maurice Peters, PhD View Profile
Kumble Sandeep Prabhu, PhD Kumble Sandeep Prabhu, PhD View Profile
Benjamin Franklin Pugh, PhD Benjamin Franklin Pugh, PhD View Profile
John Richie, PhD John Richie, PhD View Profile
Jeffery Sample, PhD Jeffery Sample, PhD View Profile
Clare Sample, PhD Clare Sample, PhD View Profile
Todd Schell, PhD Todd Schell, PhD View Profile
Lisa Shantz, PhD Lisa Shantz, PhD View Profile
Scott A. Showalter Scott A. Showalter View Profile
Vladimir Spiegelman, MD, PhD Vladimir Spiegelman, MD, PhD View Profile
Thomas Spratt, PhD Thomas Spratt, PhD View Profile
Mohamed Trebak, PhD Mohamed Trebak, PhD View Profile
Yanming Wang, PhD Yanming Wang, PhD View Profile
Joshua Warrick, MD Joshua Warrick, MD View Profile
Na Xiong, PhD Na Xiong, PhD View Profile
Shengyu Yang, PhD Shengyu Yang, PhD View Profile
Gregory Yochum, PhD Gregory Yochum, PhD View Profile
Yu Zhang Yu Zhang View Profile
Hong Zheng, MD, PhD Hong Zheng, MD, PhD View Profile

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