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Sean Mahase, MD

Sean Mahase, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology
Scientific Program:Next-Generation Therapies

Research Interests

  • Radiotherapy
  • Therapeutics
  • Radiosurgery
  • Prostatic Neoplasms
  • Brain
  • Neoplasm Metastasis
  • Neoplasms
  • Brachytherapy
  • Recurrence
  • Oligodendroglia
  • Prostate
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Clinical Trials

NRG-GU011: A Phase II Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Trial of PROstate OligoMETastatic RadiotHErapy With or Without ANdrogen Deprivation Therapy in Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer (NRG Promethean)
NRG-BN012: A Randomized Phase III Trial of Pre-Operative Compared to Post-Operative Stereotactic Radiosurgery in Patients With Resectable Brain Metastases
A Phase II/III Randomized Study of Maintenance Nivolumab versus Observation in Patients with Locally Advanced, Intermediate Risk HPV Positive OPCA
NRG HN009- Randomized Phase II/III Trial of Radiation with High-Dose Cisplatin (100 mg/m2) Every Three Weeks Versus Radiation with Low-Dose Weekly Cisplatin (40 mg/m2) for Patients with Locoregionally Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck (SCCHN)

Recent Publications


Mahase, SS, Roytman, M, Roth O'Brien, D, Ivanidze, J, Schwartz, TH, Pannullo, SC, Ramakrishna, R, Magge, RS, Williams, N, Fine, HA, Chiang, GCY & Knisely, JPS 2023, 'Concurrent immunotherapy and re-irradiation utilizing stereotactic body radiotherapy for recurrent high-grade gliomas', Cancer Reports.


Mahase, S & Nagar, H 2022, 'Corrigendum re “Hypofractionated Postoperative Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer: Is the Field Ready Yet?” [Eur Urol Open Sci 2020;22:9–16](S2666168320358328)(10.1016/j.euros.2020.10.001)', European Urology Open Science, vol. 44, pp. 52-53.
Mahase, SS, Singh, B, Wong, RJ, Ganly, I, Boyle, JO, Patel, SG & Lee, NY 2022, 'Primary chondrosarcomas of the larynx treated with proton radiotherapy: A single institutional experience', Cancer Reports, vol. 5, no. 9, e1621.


Ramirez-Fort, MK, Meier-Schiesser, B, Lachance, K, Mahase, SS, Church, CD, Niaz, MJ, Liu, H, Navarro, V, Nikolopoulou, A, Kazakov, DV, Contassot, E, Nguyen, DP, Sach, J, Hadravsky, L, Sheng, Y, Tagawa, ST, Wu, X, Lange, CS, French, LE, Nghiem, PT & Bander, NH 2021, 'Folate hydrolase-1 (FOLH1) is a novel target for antibody-based brachytherapy in Merkel cell carcinoma', Skin Health and Disease, vol. 1, no. 1, e9.
Farjam, R, Mahase, SS, Chen, SL, Coonce, M, Pennell, RT, Fecteau, R, Chughtai, B, Dewyngaert, JK, Kang, J, Ch Formenti, S & Nagar, H 2021, 'Quantifying the impact of SpaceOAR hydrogel on inter-fractional rectal and bladder dose during 0.35 T MR-guided prostate adaptive radiotherapy', Journal of applied clinical medical physics, vol. 22, no. 9, pp. 49-58.
O'Brien, DAR, Kaye, SM, Poppas, PJ, Mahase, SS, An, A, Christos, PJ, Liechty, B, Pisapia, D, Ramakrishna, R, Wernicke, AG, Knisely, JPS, Pannullo, SC & Schwartz, TH 2021, 'Time to administration of stereotactic radiosurgery to the cavity after surgery for brain metastases: a real-world analysis', Journal of neurosurgery, vol. 135, no. 6, pp. 1695-1705.
Roth O'Brien, DA, Poppas, P, Kaye, SM, Mahase, SS, An, A, Christos, PJ, Liechty, B, Pisapia, D, Ramakrishna, R, Wernicke, AG, Knisely, JPS, Pannullo, S & Schwartz, TH 2021, 'Timing of Adjuvant Fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery Affects Local Control of Resected Brain Metastases', Practical Radiation Oncology, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. e267-e275.
Mahase, SS, Roth O'Brien, DA, No, D, Roytman, M, Skafida, ME, Lin, E, Karakatsanis, NA, Osborne, JR, Brandmaier, A, Pannullo, SC, Ramakrishna, R, Stieg, PE, Knisely, JPS & Ivanidze, J 2021, '[68Ga]-DOTATATE PET/MRI as an adjunct imaging modality for radiation treatment planning of meningiomas', Neuro-Oncology Advances, vol. 3, no. 1, vdab012.


Mahase, SS, D'Angelo, D, Kang, J, Hu, JC, Barbieri, CE & Nagar, H 2020, 'Erratum: Trends in the Use of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Treatment of Prostate Cancer in the United States', JAMA network open, vol. 3, no. 2, e1920471.
Mahase, S & Nagar, H 2020, 'Hypofractionated Postoperative Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer: Is the Field Ready Yet?', European Urology Open Science, vol. 22, pp. 9-16.
Rogers, MJ, Ramirez-Fort, MK, Kashanian, JA, Broster, SA, Matta, J, Mahase, SS, Fort, DV, Niaz, MJ, McClelland, S, Bander, NH, Fort, M, Lange, CS, Schlegel, P & Mulhall, JP 2020, 'Prostatic irradiation-induced sexual dysfunction: A review and multidisciplinary guide to management in the radical radiotherapy era (Part II on Urological Management)', Reports of Practical Oncology and Radiotherapy, vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 619-624.


Mahase, SS, Navrazhina, K, Schwartz, TH, Parashar, B & Wernicke, AG 2019, 'Intraoperative brachytherapy for resected brain metastases', Brachytherapy, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 258-270.