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Hiroko Shike, MD, MS

Hiroko Shike, MD, MS

Associate Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Division of Clinical Pathology
Scientific Program:Next-Generation Therapies

Research Interests

  • Mucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome
  • Child
  • Transplants
  • Genes
  • Alleles
  • Tissue Donors
  • Gene Expression
  • Peptides
  • T-Lymphocytes
  • Infections
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Mutation

Recent Publications


Kessler, N, Casey, H, Tyler, J, Mowery, C & Shike, H 2023, 'HLA-C*07:985:01:02Q, a novel allele with an acceptor splice site mutation', HLA.


Cioccio, J, Rakszawski, K, Zheng, H, Nickolich, M, Naik, S, Wirk, B, Rybka, W, Ehmann, C, Silar, B, Vajdic, C, Shah, N, Tuanquin, L, Greiner, R, Brown, V, Hohl, R, Claxton, D, Mineishi, S, Minagawa, K & Shike, H 2023, 'Donor HLA mismatch promotes full donor T-cell chimerism in the allogeneic stem cell transplant with reduced-intensity conditioning and post-transplant cyclophosphamide GVHD prophylaxis', Annals of Hematology, vol. 102, no. 3, pp. 613-620.
Shah, N, Cioccio, J, Rakszawski, K, Zheng, H, Nickolich, M, Naik, S, Wirk, B, Rybka, W, Ehmann, C, Silar, B, Vajdic, C, Mierski, J, Zhou, S, Shike, H, Greiner, R, Brown, V, Hohl, R, Claxton, D, Mineishi, S, Minagawa, K & Tuanquin, L 2022, 'Low-dose total body irradiation promotes T-cells donor chimerism in reduced-intensity/non-myeloablative allogeneic stem cell transplant with post-transplant cyclophosphamide', Leukemia Research, vol. 123, 106969.
Pizzola, CJ, Cioccio, J, Rakszawski, KL, Nickolich, M, Ehmann, WC, Rybka, WB, Wirk, B, Naik, S, Zheng, H, Silar, B, Shike, H, Zhou, S, Mineishi, S, Minagawa, K & Claxton, DF 2022, 'Non-myeloablative allogeneic stem cell transplant with fludarabine and reduced dose cyclophosphamide in acute myeloid leukemia for older adults with comorbidities', Bone Marrow Transplantation, vol. 57, no. 11, pp. 1743-1745.


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Casey, H, Tyler, J, Fisher, C, Mowery, C & Shike, H 2021, 'HLA-DQA1*03:03:01:16Q, a novel allele with an acceptor splice site mutation', HLA, vol. 98, no. 5, pp. 490-492.
Jain, A, Daoud, D, Kees-Folts, D, Freeman, MA, Butt, F, Abendroth, CS, Shike, H & Kadry, Z 2022, 'Steroid-free maintenance immunosuppression using alemtuzumab in pediatric kidney transplantation: Long-term longitudinal follow-up', Pediatric Transplantation, vol. 26, no. 2, e14173.
Gvozdjan, K, Casey, H, Mowery, C, Kumer, L, Fisher, C, Tyler, J, Bayerl, MG, Malysz, J, Naik, S, Rybka, W, Ehmann, C, Claxton, D, Mineishi, S, Baker, M, Hong, Z & Shike, H 2021, 'Unexpected Short-Tandem-Repeat Patterns in Post-Transplant Chimerism Testing: Investigation of 3 Cases with Help from Forensic Science', Laboratory Medicine, vol. 51, no. 6, pp. 635-641.


Fisher, C, Casey, H, Kumer, L, Tyler, J & Shike, H 2020, 'A novel null allele, HLA-DPA1*01:35N in a European American Male from Pennsylvania, USA', HLA, vol. 96, no. 3, pp. 378-379.


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