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Leslie Parent, MD

Leslie Parent, MD

Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Penn State College of Medicine
Professor, Department of Medicine
Division of Infectious Diseases
Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Center for Cannabis and Natural Product Pharmaceuticals (CCNPP)
Scientific Program:Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis

Research Interests

Dr. Leslie Parent's research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the assembly of retrovirus particles. Her laboratory members uses genetic, biochemical, biophysical and live-cell imaging approaches to dissect the viral and cellular factors that mediate the trafficking of retroviral proteins and genomic RNA complexes in infected cells. Their investigation of the host factors involved in transport of retroviral proteins and RNAs throughout the cell is at the interface of virology and cellular biology.

Recent work in Dr. Parent's laboratory has focused on studying the mechanism by which retroviruses recognize their RNA genomes and select them for incorporation into virions. She has adopted a comparative retrovirology approach by comparing and contrasting the replication strategies of Rous sarcoma virus, mouse mammary tumor virus and human immunodeficiency virus. Members of her laboratory discovered that the Gag protein of Rous sarcoma virus undergoes nuclear trafficking, which is required for efficient incorporation of genomic RNA into virions. This work challenges the current dogma of how retroviruses select and incorporate their genomic RNA into virus particles. 

In addition to her research, Dr. Parent is a standing member of the NIH study section HVCD (HIV Molecular Virology, Cell Biology and Drug Discovery).

  • gag Gene Products
  • Rous sarcoma virus
  • RNA
  • Virion
  • Retroviridae
  • HIV-1
  • Viral RNA
  • Proteins
  • Cell Membrane
  • Product Packaging
  • Cell Nucleus Active Transport
  • Virus Assembly

Recent Publications


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