Researcher Profile

Researcher Profile

Leslie Parent, MD

Leslie Parent, MD

Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, College of Medicine (Hershey)
Professor, Department of Medicine
Division of Infectious Diseases
Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Scientific Program:Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis

Research Interests

  • gag Gene Products
  • Rous sarcoma virus
  • RNA
  • HIV-1
  • Retroviridae
  • Viral RNA
  • Virion
  • Cell Membrane
  • Cell Nucleus Active Transport
  • Proteins
  • Product Packaging
  • Virus Assembly

Recent Publications


Bewley, MC, Reinhart, L, Stake, MS, Nadaraia-Hoke, S, Parent, LJ & Flanagan, JM 2017, 'A non-cleavable hexahistidine affinity tag at the carboxyl-terminus of the HIV-1 Pr55Gag polyprotein alters nucleic acid binding properties', Protein Expression and Purification, vol. 130, pp. 137-145.


Rye-McCurdy, T, Olson, ED, Liu, S, Binkley, C, Reyes, JP, Thompson, BR, Flanagan, JM, Parent, LJ & Musier-Forsyth, K 2016, 'Functional equivalence of retroviral MA domains in facilitating Psi RNA binding specificity by Gag', Viruses, vol. 8, no. 9, 256.
Kaddis Maldonado, RJ & Parent, LJ 2016, 'Orchestrating the selection and packaging of genomic RNA by retroviruses: An ensemble of viral and host factors', Viruses, vol. 8, no. 9, 257.


Stake, M, Singh, D, Singh, G, Marcela Hernandez, J, Kaddis Maldonado, R, Parent, LJ & Boris-Lawrie, K 2015, 'HIV-1 and two avian retroviral 5' untranslated regions bind orthologous human and chicken RNA binding proteins' Virology, vol. 486, pp. 307-320.
Rice, BL, Kaddis, RJ, Stake, MS, Lochmann, TL & Parent, LJ 2015, 'Interplay between the alpharetroviral Gag protein and SR proteins SF2 and SC35 in the nucleus' Frontiers in Microbiology, vol. 6, no. SEP, 00925.

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