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Hee Jeung Oh

Hee Jeung Oh

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Scientific Program:Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis
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Recent Publications


Bell, K, Freeburne, S, Fromel, M, Oh, HJ & Pester, CW 2021, 'Heterogeneous photoredox catalysis using fluorescein polymer brush functionalized glass beads', Journal of Polymer Science, vol. 59, no. 22, pp. 2844-2853.


Oh, HJ, Aboian, MS, Yi, MYJ, Maslyn, JA, Loo, WS, Jiang, X, Parkinson, DY, Wilson, MW, Moore, T, Yee, CR, Robbins, GR, Barth, FM, Desimone, JM, Hetts, SW & Balsara, NP 2019, '3D Printed Absorber for Capturing Chemotherapy Drugs before They Spread through the Body', ACS Central Science, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 419-427.
Loo, WS, Sethi, GK, Teran, AA, Galluzzo, MD, Maslyn, JA, Oh, HJ, Mongcopa, KI & Balsara, NP 2019, 'Composition dependence of the flory-huggins interaction parameters of block copolymer electrolytes and the isotaksis point', Macromolecules, vol. 52, no. 15, pp. 5590-5601.
Yee, C, McCoy, D, Yu, J, Losey, A, Jordan, C, Moore, T, Stillson, C, Oh, HJ, Kilbride, B, Roy, S, Patel, A, Wilson, MW & Hetts, SW 2019, 'Endovascular ion exchange chemofiltration device reduces off-target doxorubicin exposure in a hepatic intra-arterial chemotherapy model', Radiology: Imaging Cancer, vol. 1, no. 1, e190009.