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Robert Paulson, PhD

Robert Paulson, PhD

Professor of Veterinary Science, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
Scientific Program:Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis

Research Interests

  • Erythropoiesis
  • Spleen
  • Friend murine leukemia virus
  • Mutation
  • Receptor Protein-Tyrosine Kinases
  • Erythrocytes
  • Leukemia
  • Anemia
  • Genes
  • Leukemia, Erythroblastic, Acute
  • Selenium
  • Proteins

Recent Publications


Qian, F, Nettleford, SK, Zhou, J, Arner, BE, Hall, MA, Sharma, A, Annageldiyev, C, Rossi, RM, Tukaramrao, DB, Sarkar, D, Hegde, S, Gandhi, UH, Finch, ER, Goodfield, L, Quickel, MD, Claxton, DF, Paulson, RF & Prabhu, KS 2023, 'Activation of GPR44 decreases severity of myeloid leukemia via specific targeting of leukemia initiating stem cells', Cell Reports, vol. 42, no. 7, 112794.
Qian, F, Arner, BE, Nettleford, SK, Paulson, RF & Prabhu, KS 2023, 'Intra-Peritoneal Transplantation for Generating Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Mice', Journal of Visualized Experiments, vol. 2023, no. 191, e64834.
Ruan, B & Paulson, RF 2023, 'Metabolic regulation of stress erythropoiesis, outstanding questions, and possible paradigms', Frontiers in Physiology, vol. 13, 1063294.


Qian, F, Arner, BE, Kelly, KM, Annageldiyev, C, Sharma, A, Claxton, DF, Paulson, RF & Prabhu, KS 2022, 'Interleukin-4 treatment reduces leukemia burden in acute myeloid leukemia', FASEB Journal, vol. 36, no. 5, e22328.


Jia, B, Zhao, C, Bayerl, M, Shike, H, Claxton, DF, Ehmann, WC, Mineishi, S, Schell, TD, Zheng, P, Zhang, Y, Shultz, LD, Prabhu, KS, Paulson, RF & Zheng, H 2022, 'A novel clinically relevant graft-versus-leukemia model in humanized mice', Journal of Leukocyte Biology, vol. 111, no. 2, pp. 427-437.


Hengst, JA, Hegde, S, Paulson, RF & Yun, JK 2020, 'Development of SKI-349, a dual-targeted inhibitor of sphingosine kinase and microtubule polymerization', Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, vol. 30, no. 20, 127453.
Chen, Y, Xiang, J, Qian, F, Diwakar, BT, Ruan, B, Hao, S, Sandeep Prabhu, K & Paulson, RF 2020, 'Epo receptor signaling in macrophages alters the splenic niche to promote erythroid differentiation', Blood, vol. 136, no. 2, pp. 235-246.
Paulson, RF, Ruan, B, Hao, S & Chen, Y 2020, 'Stress Erythropoiesis is a Key Inflammatory Response', Cells, vol. 9, no. 3, 1894.


Diwakar, BT, Yoast, R, Nettleford, S, Qian, F, Lee, TJ, Berry, S, Huffnagle, I, Rossi, RM, Trebak, M, Paulson, RF & Prabhu, KS 2019, 'Crth2 receptor signaling down-regulates lipopolysaccharide-induced NF-αB activation in murine macrophages via changes in intracellular calcium', FASEB Journal, vol. 33, no. 11, pp. 12838-12852.
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Matsui, Y, Zhang, Y, Paulson, RF & Lai, ZC 2019, 'Dual role of a C-terminally truncated isoform of large tumor suppressor kinase 1 in the regulation of hippo signaling and tissue growth', DNA and Cell Biology, vol. 38, no. 1, pp. 91-106.
Paulson, RF 2019, 'Epo receptor marks the spot', Blood, vol. 134, no. 5, pp. 413-414.
Hao, S, Xiang, J, Wu, DC, Fraser, JW, Ruan, B, Cai, J, Patterson, AD, Lai, ZC & Paulson, RF 2019, 'Gdf15 regulates murine stress erythroid progenitor proliferation and the development of the stress erythropoiesis niche', Blood Advances, vol. 3, no. 14, pp. 2205-2217.
Bennett, LF, Liao, C, Quickel, MD, Yeoh, BS, Vijay-Kumar, M, Hankey-Giblin, P, Prabhu, KS & Paulson, RF 2019, 'Inflammation induces stress erythropoiesis through heme-dependent activation of SPI-C', Science signaling, vol. 12, no. 598, eaap7336.
Hao, S, Matsui, Y, Lai, ZC & Paulson, RF 2019, 'Yap1 promotes proliferation of transiently amplifying stress erythroid progenitors during erythroid regeneration', Experimental Hematology, vol. 80, pp. 42-54.e4.