Researcher Profile

Researcher Profile

Raffy Reinaldo Luquis

Raffy Reinaldo Luquis

Associate Professor, School of Behavioral Sciences & Education (Harrisburg)
Scientific Program:Cancer Control

Research Interests

  • Students
  • Hispanic Americans
  • Spirituality
  • Cultural Competency
  • Health Educators
  • Health Promotion
  • Sexual Behavior
  • Health
  • Young Adult
  • Orgasm
  • Lead
  • Nutrition Surveys

Recent Publications


Teye, SO, Yanosky, JD, Cuffee, Y, Weng, X, Luquis, R, Farace, E & Wang, L 2021, 'Exploring persistent racial/ethnic disparities in lead exposure among American children aged 1–5 years: results from NHANES 1999–2016', International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, vol. 94, no. 4, pp. 723-730.


Teye, SO, Yanosky, JD, Cuffee, Y, Weng, X, Luquis, R, Farace, E & Wang, L 2020, 'Association between blood lead levels and blood pressure in American adults: results from NHANES 1999–2016', Environmental Science and Pollution Research, vol. 27, no. 36, pp. 45836-45843.


Luquis, RR 2019, 'Perceptions of Chronic Illnesses and Preventive Behaviors Among Hispanic/Latino men', Hispanic Health Care International, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 172-177.


Luquis, RR & Kensinger, W 2019, 'Applying the Health Belief Model to assess prevention services among young adults', International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, vol. 57, no. 1, pp. 37-47.


Luquis, RR & Kensinger, WS 2017, 'Perceptions of Health Care and Access to Preventive Services Among Young Adults', Journal of Community Health, vol. 42, no. 6, pp. 1204-1212.

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