Researcher Profile

Researcher Profile

Benjamin Levi, MD, PhD

Benjamin Levi, MD, PhD

University Professor, Department of Humanities
Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Scientific Program:Cancer Control

Research Interests

  • Advance Care Planning
  • Child Abuse
  • Physicians
  • Decision Support Techniques
  • Advance Directives
  • Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Decision Making
  • Child
  • Software
  • Ethics
  • Education
  • Primary Health Care

Recent Publications


Humphreys, KL, Piersiak, HA, Panlilio, CC, Lehman, EB, Verdiglione, N, Dore, S & Levi, BH 2021, 'A randomized control trial of a child abuse mandated reporter training: Knowledge and attitudes', Child Abuse and Neglect, vol. 117, 105033.
Levi, BH, Mundy, M, Palm, C, Verdiglione, N, Fiene, R & Mincemoyer, CC 2021, 'An interactive online learning program on child abuse and its reporting', Journal of Educators Online, vol. 18, no. 2.
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Simmons, DB, Levi, BH, Green, MJ, La, IS, Lipnick, D, Smith, TJ, Thiede, ER, Wiegand, DL & Van Scoy, L 2021, 'What Surrogates Understand (and Don’t Understand) About Patients’ Wishes After Engaging Advance Care Planning: A Qualitative Analysis', American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.


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Schubart, JR, Levi, B, Bain, MM, Farace, E & Green, M 2019, 'Advance care planning among patients with advanced cancer', Journal of oncology practice, vol. 15, no. 1, pp. E65-E73.
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Green, MJ, Van Scoy, LJ, Foy, AJ, Dimmock, AEF, Lehman, E & Levi, BH 2020, 'Patients With Advanced Cancer Choose Less Aggressive Medical Treatment on Vignettes After Using a Computer-Based Decision Aid', American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, vol. 37, no. 7, pp. 537-541.
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Shapiro, DE, Abbott, LM, Wolpaw, DR, Green, MJ & Levi, BH 2018, 'Using a Simulation of a Frustrated Faculty Member during Department Chair Searches: A Proof of Concept Project', Academic Medicine, vol. 93, no. 2, pp. 224-228.

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