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Michael A. Russell

Michael A. Russell

Associate Professor, Biobehavioral Health
Assistant Professor, Biobehavioral Health
Scientific Program:Cancer Control
Disease Teams:
Institute for CyberScience (ICS) - Associate

Research Interests

  • Alcohols
  • Ecological Momentary Assessment
  • Drinking
  • Mental Health
  • Young Adult
  • Health
  • Students
  • Cannabis
  • Technology
  • Depression
  • Parents
  • Counseling

Recent Publications


Glenn, SD, Turrisi, RJ, Richards, VL, Russell, MA & Mallett, KA 2024, 'A Dual-Process Decision-Making Model Examining the Longitudinal Associations Between Alcohol-Induced Blackouts and Alcohol Use Disorder Risk Among College Student Drinkers', Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs, vol. 85, no. 1, pp. 73-83.
Courtney, JB, West, AB, Russell, MA, Almeida, D & Conroy, DE 2024, 'College Students' Day-to-Day Maladaptive Drinking Responses to Stress Severity and Stressor-Related Guilt and Anger', Annals of Behavioral Medicine, vol. 58, no. 2, pp. 131-143.
Richards, VL, Glenn, SD, Turrisi, RJ, Mallett, KA, Ackerman, S & Russell, MA 2024, 'Transdermal alcohol concentration features predict alcohol-induced blackouts in college students', Alcohol, Clinical and Experimental Research, vol. 48, no. 5, pp. 880-888.


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Richards, VL, Turrisi, RJ, Glenn, SD, Waldron, KA, Rodriguez, GC, Mallett, KA & Russell, MA 2023, 'Alcohol-induced blackouts among college student drinkers: A multilevel analysis', Addictive Behaviors, vol. 143, 107706.
Russell, MA, Smyth, JM, Turrisi, R & Rodriguez, GC 2023, 'Baseline Protective Behavioral Strategy Use Predicts More Moderate Transdermal Alcohol Concentration Dynamics and Fewer Negative Consequences of Drinking in Young Adults’ Natural Settings', Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.
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Mason, MJ, Coatsworth, JD, Zaharakis, N, Russell, M, Aaron, B & McKinstry, S 2023, 'Testing Mechanisms of Change for Text Message–Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Randomized Clinical Trial for Young Adult Depression', JMIR mHealth and uHealth, vol. 11, e45186.
Mennis, J, Mason, MJ, Coatsworth, JD, Russell, M & Zaharakis, NM 2024, 'Young Adult Depression and Cannabis Use: Associations Before and After Recreational Legalization', American Journal of Preventive Medicine, vol. 66, no. 2, pp. 333-341.


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