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Michael Sather, MD

Michael Sather, MD

Professor, Department of Neurosurgery
Associate Professor, Department of Neurosurgery
Disease Teams:
Cancer Institute, Brain and Central Nervous System Cancer Team

Research Interests

  • Therapeutics
  • Seizures
  • Epilepsy
  • Neoplasms
  • Electrodes
  • Bone and Bones
  • Robotics
  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
  • Lasers
  • Catheters
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunts
  • Myelography

Recent Publications


Padmanaban, V, Baccon, J, Acharya, J & Sather, M 2022, 'Transmantle focal cortical dysplasia in a patient with drug-resistant epilepsy', BMJ case reports, vol. 15, no. 3.


Gilliam, FG, Ssentongo, P, Sather, M & Kawasawa, YI 2021, 'Case Report: PAFAH1B1 Mutation and Posterior Band Heterotopia With Focal Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Treated by Responsive Neurostimulation', Frontiers in Neurology, vol. 12, 779113.


the Pediatric Stereotactic Laser Ablation Workgroup 2020, 'Magnetic resonance–guided stereotactic laser ablation therapy for the treatment of pediatric brain tumors: a multiinstitutional retrospective study', Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics, vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 13-21.