Researcher Profile

Researcher Profile

Henry Wagner Jr., MD

Henry Wagner Jr., MD

Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology
Professor, Department of Medicine
Professor, Department of Radiology
Scientific Program:Experimental Therapeutics
Disease Teams:
Bone Marrow Transplantation
Central Nervous System Cancer
Leukemia and Lymphoma
Melanoma and Skin Cancer
Thoracic Cancer

Research Interests

  • Radiotherapy
  • Therapeutics
  • Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
  • Survival
  • Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
  • Drug Therapy
  • Radiation
  • Thorax
  • Neoplasms
  • Lung Neoplasms
  • Cisplatin
  • Neoplasm Metastasis

Clinical Trials

MATCH Treatment Subprotocol C2: Crizotinib in Patients with Tumors with MET Exon 14 Deletion
MATCH Treatment Subprotocol E: AZD9291 in Patients with Tumors Having EGFR T790M Mutations (Except Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer) or Rare Activating Mutations of EGFR
MATCH Treatment Subprotocol F: Crizotinib in Patients with Tumors (Other Than Adenocarcinoma of Lung or ALCL) with ALK Rearrangements
MATCH Treatment Subprotocol G: Phase II Study of Crizotinib in Patients with ROS1 Translocations (Other Than Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer)
MATCH Treatment Subprotocol L: Phase II Study of MLN0128 (TAK-228) in Patients with Tumors with mTOR Mutations
MATCH Treatment Subprotocol M: Phase II Study of MLN0128 (TAK-228) in Patients with Tumors with TSC1 or TSC2 Mutations
MATCH Treatment Subprotocol T: GDC-0449 (vismodegib) in Patients with Tumors (except basal cell skin carcinoma) with Smoothened (SMO) or Patched 1 (PTCH1) Mutations
MATCH Treatment Subprotocol V: Phase II Study of Sunitinib in Patients with Tumors with c-Kit Mutations (Excluding GIST, Renal Cell Carcinoma or Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor).
A Randomized Phase II Trial of Brentuximab Vedotin (SGN35, NSC# 749710), or Crizotinib (NSC#749005, Commercially Labeled) in Combination With Chemotherapy for Newly Diagnosed Patients With Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL)

Recent Publications


Koller, KM, Mackley, H, Liu, J, Wagner Jr., H, Talamo, G, Schell, T, Pameijer, CR, Neves, R, Anderson, B, Kokolus, KM, Mallon, CA & Drabick, J 2017, 'Improved survival and complete response rates in patients with advanced melanoma treated with concurrent ipilimumab and radiotherapy versus ipilimumab alone', Cancer Biology and Therapy, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 36-42.


Al-Marrawi, MY, Mackley, H, Ali, S, Wagner Jr., H, Joshi, M, Holder, S, Kaag, MG, Mallon, C, Talamo, G & Drabick, J 2016, 'Consolidation With Radiation or Concurrent Chemo-Radiation After Chemotherapy Results in Durable Complete Remissions of Isolated Nodal Recurrences of Urothelial Cancer: A Case Series and Review', Clinical Genitourinary Cancer, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. e393-e399.


Witzig, TE, Hong, F, Micallef, IN, Gascoyne, RD, Dogan, A, Wagner Jr., H, Kahl, BS, Advani, RH & Horning, SJ 2015, 'A phase II trial of RCHOP followed by radioimmunotherapy for early stage (stages I/II) diffuse large B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma: ECOG3402', British Journal of Haematology, vol. 170, no. 5, pp. 679-686.
Diefenbach, CS, Li, H, Hong, F, Gordon, LI, Fisher, RI, Bartlett, NL, Crump, M, Gascoyne, RD, Wagner Jr., H, Stiff, PJ, Cheson, BD, Stewart, DA, Kahl, BS, Friedberg, JW, Blum, KA, Habermann, TM, Tuscano, JM, Hoppe, RT, Horning, SJ & Advani, RH 2015, 'Evaluation of the International Prognostic Score (IPS-7) and a Simpler Prognostic Score (IPS-3) for advanced Hodgkin lymphoma in the modern era' British Journal of Haematology, vol. 171, no. 4, pp. 530-538.
Hess, CB, Singer, M, Khaku, A, Malinou, J, Juliano, JJ, Varlotto, JM, Wagner Jr., H, Liao, JJ, Myers, K, Levine, M & Mackley, H 2015, 'Optimal frequency of psychosocial distress screening in radiation oncology', Journal of oncology practice, vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 298-302.
Lassman, AB, Pugh, SL, Gilbert, MR, Aldape, KD, Geinoz, S, Beumer, JH, Christner, SM, Komaki, R, Deangelis, LM, Gaur, R, Youssef, E, Wagner Jr., H, Won, M & Mehta, MP 2015, 'Phase 2 trial of dasatinib in target-selected patients with recurrent glioblastoma (RTOG 0627)', Neuro-oncology, vol. 17, no. 7, pp. 992-998.
Advani, RH, Hong, F, Fisher, RI, Bartlett, NL, Robinson, KS, Gascoyne, RD, Wagner Jr., H, Stiff, PJ, Cheson, BD, Stewart, DA, Gordon, LI, Kahl, BS, Friedberg, JW, Blum, KA, Habermann, TM, Tuscano, JM, Hoppe, RT & Horning, SJ 2015, 'Randomized phase III trial comparing ABVD plus radiotherapy with the Stanford V regimen in patients with stages I or II locally extensive, bulky mediastinal Hodgkin lymphoma: A subset analysis of the North American Intergroup E2496 trial', Journal of Clinical Oncology, vol. 33, no. 17, pp. 1936-1942.
Yousef, J & Wagner Jr., H 2015, 'The time has come to improve on a former standard', Clinical Advances in Hematology and Oncology, vol. 13, no. 11.

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