Researcher Profile

Researcher Profile

Charles Geier, PhD

Charles Geier, PhD

Dr. Frances Keesler Graham Early Career Professorship, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
Penn State Neuroscience Institute
Scientific Program:Cancer Control

Research Interests

  • Reward
  • Brain
  • Smoking
  • Motivation
  • Child
  • Smokers
  • Food
  • Risk-Taking
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Short-Term Memory
  • Psychological Inhibition
  • Decision Making

Recent Publications


Gunther, KE, Petrie, D, Pearce, AL, Fuchs, BA, PĂ©rez-Edgar, K, Keller, KL & Geier, C 2022, 'Heterogeneity in PFC-amygdala connectivity in middle childhood, and concurrent interrelations with inhibitory control and anxiety symptoms', Neuropsychologia, vol. 174, 108313.


Adise, S, White, CN, Roberts, NJ, Geier, CF & Keller, KL 2021, 'Children's inhibitory control abilities in the presence of rewards are related to weight status and eating in the absence of hunger', Appetite, vol. 167, 105610.
Fuchs, BA, Roberts, NJ, Adise, S, Pearce, AL, Geier, CF, White, C, Oravecz, Z & Keller, KL 2021, 'Decision-Making Processes Related to Perseveration Are Indirectly Associated With Weight Status in Children Through Laboratory-Assessed Energy Intake', Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 12, 652595.
Petrie, DJ, Chow, SM & Geier, CF 2021, 'Effective connectivity during an avoidance-based pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer task', Brain Sciences, vol. 11, no. 11, 1472.
Frank, JL, Broderick, PC, Oh, Y, Mitra, J, Kohler, K, Schussler, DL, Geier, C, Roeser, RW, Berrena, E, Mahfouz, J, Levitan, J & Greenberg, MT 2021, 'The Effectiveness of a Teacher-Delivered Mindfulness-Based Curriculum on Adolescent Social-Emotional and Executive Functioning', Mindfulness, vol. 12, no. 5, pp. 1234-1251.


Chaby, LE, Lasseter, HC, Geier, C & Jeromin, A 2020, 'Determining effects of adolescent stress exposure on risk for posttraumatic stress disorder in adulthood', Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, vol. 36, pp. 79-89.
Kling, S, Pearce, AL, Reynolds, ML, Garavan, H, Geier, CF, Rolls, BJ, Rose, EJ, Wilson, SJ & Keller, KL 2020, 'Development and Pilot Testing of Standardized Food Images for Studying Eating Behaviors in Children', Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 11, 1729.
Pearce, AL, Adise, S, Roberts, NJ, White, C, Geier, CF & Keller, KL 2020, 'Individual differences in the influence of taste and health impact successful dietary self-control: A mouse tracking food choice study in children', Physiology and Behavior, vol. 223, 112990.


Roberts, NJ, Oravecz, Z, Sprague, BN & Geier, CF 2019, 'A novel hierarchical later process model: Evaluating latent sources of variation in reaction times of adult daily smokers', Frontiers in Psychiatry, vol. 10, no. JULY, 474.

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