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Drug Discovery, Development and Delivery

Research D4 Core Overview

The Drug Discovery, Development and Delivery (D4) core offers investigators the ability to test more than 102,000 small compounds for the ability to target an enzyme or other biological target.

The D4 core houses all the necessary instrumentation and robotics used in traditional medium throughput screening (MTS) and is capable of screening both in vitro and cell-based assays.

D4 works with investigators to screen libraries from the core for action against their target of interest, and can also screen novel compounds that researchers have identified for activity against select targets. In addition, researchers are also welcome to utilize the equipment in the D4 core for their projects.


The D4 core can help researchers with the following:

  • Assay development/optimization
  • Pilot screenings
  • Hit validation
  • Full screenings
  • Data analysis
  • Grant assistance, including letters of support, feasibility of primary screens and secondary assay plans for hit and lead follow-up


  • Eppendorf epMotion 5070 robot
  • Integra VIAFLOW 96/384 pipette
  • Molecular Devices Flexstation 3 plate reader
  • Malvern Zetasizer
  • Beckman System Gold High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph
  • Seahorse XFe96 Analyzer
  • GE Biacore 3000

Screening Libraries

  • ChemBridge DIVERset Library – 100,000 drug-like compounds with extensive pharmacophore coverage for primary screening.
  • Prestwick Chemical FDA Library – 1,200 FDA-approved small-molecule drugs that can be screened for novel activities.
  • TimTec Natural Product Library – 480 compounds derived from plant, animal and fungal sources includes: alkaloids, nucleoside analogs, flavonoids, steroidal compounds and natural phenols.
  • Cayman Chemical Synthetic Cannabinoid Library – 370 synthetic compounds that including parent compounds, positional isomers and homologs.
  • Enzo Life Sciences Endocannabinoid Library – 58 compounds that consists of 10 different fatty acids and 6 polar head groups.
  • Organic Synthesis Core Proprietary Library – More than 100 compounds that have been synthesized by the Organic Synthesis Core
  • Life Technologies siRNA Screening Library – Approximately 2500 siRNAs designed to target a variety of kinases, phosphatases, nuclear receptors, proteases and other targets.

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