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Insurance Information

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Understand insurance and financial information

Insurance Information

General Information

  • Bring your insurance cards and prescription cards with you to all appointments.
  • Please share any changes with the medical office associate when you check in.
  • It is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible if your insurance changes or it is cancelled.
  • Read your insurance policy to become familiar with your coverage/benefits.
  • If you have concerns about your health care expenses or coverage, first contact your insurance company to verify your coverage/ benefits. If you need additional assistance, please contact the Penn State Health Patient Financial Services Office at 800-254-2619.
  • If you are having difficulty paying a Penn State Health bill, please contact the Penn State Health Patient Financial Services Office at 800-254-2619 and ask to speak with a Financial Counselor.
  • Some insurance companies have Case Managers available to help guide you through the business details of your disease. This allows you to talk with the same person every time you call. The goal is to make sure you, the patient, are getting medically necessary care, quality care, and that the care is being delivered as efficiently and economically as possible. The Case Manager anticipates the patient’s future health care needs and works to put into place what is needed to meet those needs as efficiently as possible. You may call your insurance company to ask if a Case Manager is available to you. If you are assigned a Case Manager, this person will serve as your contact person for all of your insurance questions every time you call.

FMLA - Family and Medical Leave Act Paperwork

  • If you are no longer able to work, need a reduced work schedule or intermittent time off for appointments, or a family member has to take off work to care for you, please call your employer’s Human Resources Department to obtain your FMLA paperwork. Once you receive the paperwork, complete all sections that you are required to complete. You should then give this paperwork to the Outpatient Nurse Coordinator that works with your physician.
  • The Outpatient Nurse Coordinator will have 10-14 days to complete the FMLA paperwork. Once he/she has completed their part, the FMLA paperwork will be sent directly to your employer or given back to you for you to submit to the employer. Please let the Outpatient Nurse Coordinator know how you want the completed paperwork to be handled so you both know who will be responsible to submit the papers.
  • Your employer will then notify you if you are approved or denied the FMLA request.
  • Be sure you understand your employer’s FMLA policy and follow the process for “calling off” if you are taking intermittent time off from work. You may call the FMLA provider/counselor directly with questions.

Financial Assistance

If you need assistance paying for your medications, please speak to a Social Worker or Care Coordinator.