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A group of women all wearing pink and holding fill-in-the-blank pink signs that say “We ARE …” stand together.

Create your plan for living well beyond cancer


National Cancer Survivors Day

"From the day of diagnosis you are a survivor."

We honor our cancer survivors annually, bringing together resources, inspirational speakers and a network of support for cancer survivors and their families.


Childhood Cancer Survivorship

The journey with childhood cancer changes the lives of survivors in many powerful and often positive ways. However, research has shown that two-thirds of childhood cancer survivors have complications, known as late effects, which can occur years after treatment ends.

The Childhood Cancer Survivorship Clinic at Penn State Children’s Hospital wants to showcase the ways those who have survived childhood cancer and their families are thriving.

The clinic educates survivors about ways to improve and maintain health and wellness, provides resources for young survivors, and offers stories of inspiration from fellow survivors who are thriving in their lives.

Learn more about our Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program