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An outdoor banner/sign for the Chocolate Tour featuring silhouettes of cyclists and runners, stands among several others for the tour in an outdoor setting.

Connect with our cancer-fighting community

Community Overview

In addition to efforts in patient care and research, Penn State Cancer Institute is committed to helping to reduce the burden of cancer in our communities.

Across the 28-county region we serve, we offer a variety of programs designed to increase early detection of cancer, access to cancer-related health services, and education about healthy choices that can reduce the risk of cancer. We also offer numerous events, as well as opportunities for community volunteers to join the work we do.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering can do more than change someone else's life - it can change yours, too. Many of our volunteers find the experience so rewarding that they make a long-term commitment. Learn about Penn State Cancer Institute volunteer opportunities, how to apply, and what to expect as a volunteer.

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Ways to Give

Financial support from our community is a huge part of our success. In addition to our events, like THON, we have a number of other initiatives, from opportunities for corporate support to private donations that benefit research on particular cancer types.

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Office for Cancer Health Equity

Our mission is to foster sustained bilateral engagement between communities in central Pennsylvania and Penn State University that advances cancer health equity and reduces cancer burden for all.

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Support Groups

Our cancer support groups offer a safe place to share feelings and challenges, both for cancer patients as well as their families and friends. A number of groups meet regularly to discuss the impacts of various types of cancer.

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Penn State Cancer Institute offers events for patients and their families, musical performances in its Hershey facility, fundraisers to benefit cancer research, educational programs and more.

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