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Surgical Oncology

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Put yourself in good hands with our surgical oncology team

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Surgical Oncology

The surgical oncology team is your partner in care. We hope that your experience here will exceed your expectations.

Surgical Oncology Team

This team will be responsible to surgically remove the cancer from the diseased area of your body.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Team

The surgical team that will be responsible for the surgical reconstruction, if necessary, to the area of your body affected by the cancer. They will be able to provide you with many options that will aid in your recovery both emotionally, physically and cosmetically. Our plastic surgeons specialize in reconstruction for all parts of the body. Do not be shy about seeking a consult to discuss your options.

Each specialty will provide you with the specific information related to the type of surgery that will be necessary. It is important that you and your family be involved in the decision making process with your surgical team. The decision process sometimes needs to move faster than you may feel ready. We encourage you to have a support person present with you at your consults/appointments. This can be an overwhelming time and it is important that you understand all the information that is provided. Please take notes, ask questions and review all materials provided to you with your support person once you have had time to process the information.

There will be a specialized team of doctors and nurses to care for you and your family throughout your surgical course. They help oversee your care while you recover from surgery. Your clinical staff consists of your surgeon, residents, registered nurses and/or advanced practice nurses/physician assistants. All of them will play a role in your care and be responsible for managing your education, post-operative pain control, managing any wound care needs, providing support and helping with other concerns that may arise during your recovery.

Prepare for your Pre-operative Visit

This visit will take place within a month before your surgery. This will be your time to ask additional questions that you and your family/support persons may have of your surgical team and clinical staff. You may also have an appointment with the Anesthesia Clinic. This is where you will discuss your anesthesia options and plan. Please bring an up to date list of all of your medications to your preoperative visit to review with your physicians.

During your recovery, it is important to communicate with your surgical team about any concerns. Your concerns may range from pain control to something as simple as to when you can shower after surgery. If you experience any signs of infection or changes to the surgical area in any way that may be of concern to you, please call your surgeon’s office immediately.

There is a waiting room on the first floor of the hospital where your family/support persons may wait during surgery. Someone will speak to your family/support persons when your surgery is complete. Please make sure you have a driver to take you home upon discharge.

Our surgical oncologists, plastic surgeons and the specialized clinical staff look forward to caring for you during this difficult time.

Clinic offices are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Outpatient clinics are closed on Saturday and Sundays. If you need to reach us after hours, or on weekends or holidays, contact the Main Hospital number 717-531-8521 and ask the operator to page the surgical resident on-call for your specific surgeon. Someone is available 24 hours per day to help you.

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Phone: 717-531-8887 (between 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
After hours717-531-8521