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Support Groups

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Find a safe place to share feelings and challenges

Support Groups

Please contact your nurse coordinator or social worker for additional information.

Bladder Cancer

This group provides an opportunity to share cancer related experiences and provide encouragement, hope, education and emotional support to patients with bladder cancer and their families through formal meetings, personal contact and newsletters. This group supports bladder cancer research through awareness functions, seminars and fundraising. For more information, please call the support group liaison at 717-531-3038, extension 285863 or email Theda Shaw, RN, MSN, Clinical Program Coordinator.

Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant (BMT)

The BMT Support Group is designed to offer support, encouragement, information and resources regarding all aspects of the stem cell transplant process. The group is open to all Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant patients, family members, caregivers, friends and donors. For more information, please call 717-531-0003, extension 281210.

Breast Cancer

We offer several support groups at the Penn State Breast Center. Moving Forward which is an informal setting where you can meet other women diagnosed with breast cancer; FORCE which is a support group for BRCA gene mutation carriers. FORCE provides information, support; and Pink Ribbon Program which is a therapeutic exercise program designed for patients after breast cancer surgery., awareness and advocacy for individuals and families affected by hereditary breast, ovarian and related cancers. Our support groups focus on support and educational needs of patients and families whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. For more information, please call 717-531-7492.

CLIMB® Program Helps Children Cope

When children hear that parents or grandparents have been diagnosed with cancer, they may feel all these things and more.

Children, like adults, can benefit from professionals who understand their needs, as well. CLIMB® is a free, four-week program designed to help children cope when someone they love has cancer by encouraging discussion and creativity.

The child’s loved ones are also welcomed. The program increases their understanding of cancer and its treatment, as well as allows children to form new friendships and bonds with others going through the same thing.

For more information, contact Nichole Cook or Lynn Fantom at 717-531-7492.

Head and Neck Cancer

This group provides an opportunity for head and neck cancer patients, as well as their family members, to develop connections with and receive support from other patients and caregivers. The support group meets every fourth Sunday of the month. For more information, call 717-531-8945 or e-mail Head and Neck Support Group.

Leukemia/Lymphoma Blood Cancer

Offers support and education for patients and family members dealing with blood cancers. The group allows an opportunity for participants to share experiences and enhance coping. For more information, call 610-276-3199.


Melanoma Support Group has been created to provide support to Stage 3 and 4 melanoma patients and their caregivers by sharing our experiences and practical information while providing encouragement, hope, networking, and educational opportunities. Structured meetings will include introductions, sharing experiences and feelings, exchanging information, and building a sense of belonging. Speakers and experts on topics of interest identified by the group members will be scheduled. We will support melanoma research through advocacy and related activities.

For more information, please contact Carol Mallon, MS, RN, AOCNS at 717-531-5784 or Mary Ellen Loser, BSN, RN, CPSN at 717-531-1657.

Prostate Cancer

This group helps patients, spouses, family members, and caregivers by providing encouragement, knowledge, and support during a prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as after treatment. The Prostate Cancer support group meets quarterly (January, April, July and October) on the second Monday of each month. For information, please call 717-531-5784.