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Infographic that describes the Penn State Cancer Institute catchment area demographics. Map of Pennsylvania in the middle that shows of the 28 counties in the catchment area, 19 are in Appalachia. Top to bottom on the left side of the map, the following information is displayed: 4 million total population; 1/3 of the population of Pennsylvania; 42% rural. Top to bottom on the right side of the map, the following information is displayed: 85% white alone, not Hispanic or Latino, 8% Hispanic or Latino, 5% Black or African American.

Reducing the Burden of Cancer in Central Pennsylvania

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Outreach Overview

The Penn State Cancer Institute serves central Pennsylvania, our 28-county catchment area, with world-class care, research, training and outreach. Our healthcare providers, researchers, staff and students want to help you and your loved ones lead healthier lives! Together, we can make a difference in central Pennsylvania.

Central Pennsylvania is a unique and exciting place. The region is a thriving mix of rural communities, friendly boroughs, historic towns, and bustling cities. The population is racially and ethnically diverse.

Being a part of Pennsylvania State University, we bring a wealth of cutting-edge research and resources to residents throughout Pennsylvania. Our collective mission is to reduce the burden of cancer through services that ‘make a difference’, especially for those who are at highest risk of cancer’s devastating impact. We are as equally as focused upon preventing cancer from occurring, finding cancer early, treating cancer with the latest therapies, and helping cancer survivors enjoy life to its fullest. We are actively engaged with patient navigators, community health workers and promotoras because they serve a critical role in cancer outreach, research and care.

We don’t do this alone. We recognize that residents, community-based organizations, and policy-makers have a vital role in achieving the vision that no one will die from cancer in central Pennsylvania. Indeed, everyone has a unique and essential part to play. This is an ambitious vision, but together we can achieve it.

For more information, including receiving a list of manuscripts and reports on cancer and cancer control in central Pennsylvania, contact OCHE@psu.edu.

Cancer Institute Catchment Area

The Penn State Cancer Institute 28-county catchment area is depicted on a map of the state of Pennsylvania. All 67 of Pennsylvania's counties are outlined. The five clinically competitive counties - Dauphin, Lebanon, Berks, Lancaster and Cumberland - are toward the southcentral/southeastern part of the state and are marked in one color. Another 10 counties surrounding them to the south, west and north are considered the referral area and are marked in another color. Finally, an additional 13 counties that comprise the rest of the catchment area, mostly to the north of the clinically competitive and referral counties, are added and the whole 28-county area is outlined in a heavy rule. The rest of the counties are uncolored and un-outlined.
Reducing the Burden of Cancer in Central Pennsylvania

About Our Catchment Area Basic Content


The mission of OCHE is to foster bilateral engagement between communities and partners in central Pennsylvania and Penn State that advances cancer health equity and reduces cancer burden for all. This engagement provides a foundation for world-class cancer research, care, outreach, education and policy development.

The vision of OCHE is to make certain no one in central Pennsylvania develops a preventable cancer or dies prematurely from cancer.

OCHE Focus

OCHE work is composed of:

  • Mapping and disseminating data on cancer and its determinants in central Pennsylvania and beyond. To see more data on cancer visit LionVu.
  • Promoting patient navigation to reduce the burden of cancer
  • Advising the Penn State Cancer Institute on culturally appropriate clinical care
  • Helping to assure that minority and underserved populations have access to cancer education and research.

OCHE Central Pennsylvania Focus Area:

  • The Penn State Cancer Institute’s 28-county area comprises 4 million people.
  • OCHE is dedicated to relieving cancer burden for all populations, especially those in racial and ethnic minorities and rural populations.