Researcher Profile

Researcher Profile

Nadine Hempel, PhD

Nadine Hempel, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology
Scientific Program:Experimental Therapeutics
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Research Interests

Dr. Nadine Hempel's research interests center on understanding molecular mechanisms that regulate metastasis and tumor recurrence of ovarian cancer, with the ultimate goal of identifying novel targets for therapy of advanced-stage disease.

Her research group uses a variety of molecular, cellular, imaging and in vivo techniques to focus on two research areas in ovarian cancer biology: first, the role of mitochondrial antioxidants and reactive oxygen species during metastatic progression; and second, the regulation of mitochondrial dynamics and metabolism in ovarian cancer.

  • Neoplasms
  • Oxidation-Reduction
  • Ovarian Neoplasms
  • Reactive Oxygen Species
  • Urinary Bladder Neoplasms
  • Proteins
  • Enzymes
  • Transforming Growth Factors
  • Neoplasm Metastasis
  • Superoxide Dismutase
  • Genes
  • Growth Factor Receptors

Recent Publications


Emrich, SM, Yoast, RE, Xin, P, Zhang, X, Pathak, T, Nwokonko, R, Gueguinou, MF, Subedi, KP, Zhou, Y, Ambudkar, IS, Hempel, N, Machaca, K, Gill, D & Trebak, M 2019, 'Cross-talk between N-terminal and C-terminal domains in stromal interaction molecule 2 (STIM2) determines enhanced STIM2 sensitivity', Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 294, no. 16, pp. 6318-6332.


Worley, BL, Kim, YS, Mardini, J, Zaman, R, Leon, KE, Vallur, PG, Nduwumwami, A, Warrick, J, Timmins, PF, Kesterson, J, Phaeton, R, Lee, NY, Walter, V, Endres, L, Mythreye, K, Aird, K & Hempel, N 2018, 'GPx3 supports ovarian cancer progression by manipulating the extracellular redox environment', Redox Biology.






Iuliano, JN, Kutscha, PD, Biderman, N, Subbaram, S, Groves, TR, Tenenbaum, SA & Hempel, N 2015, 'Metastatic bladder cancer cells distinctively sense and respond to physical cues of collagen fibril-mimetic nanotopography', Experimental Biology and Medicine, vol. 240, no. 5, pp. 601-610.
Hemachandra, LPMP, Shin, DH, Dier, U, Iuliano, JN, Engelberth, SA, Uusitalo, LM, Murphy, SK & Hempel, N 2015, 'Mitochondrial superoxide dismutase has a protumorigenic role in ovarian clear cell carcinoma', Cancer Research, vol. 75, no. 22, pp. 4973-4984.
Shin, DH, Dier, U, Melendez, JA & Hempel, N 2015, 'Regulation of MMP-1 expression in response to hypoxia is dependent on the intracellular redox status of metastatic bladder cancer cells', Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Basis of Disease, vol. 1852, no. 12, pp. 2593-2602.

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